Commercial Security Systems & Certified Structured Cabling

Electronic Security Specialists has experience in a vast array of commercial, retail and warehouse environments.  The cabling department specializes in providing and installing communication cables of all types including shielded & unshielded high speed cooper cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable. These installations can be complete new installs or small ads or changes. We assess and certify existing cables, design and engineer new cabling systems with full documentation (CAD Drawings, test results, cut sheets).

UL Listed and FM Approved Alarm Monitoring

Every second counts in an emergency.  If an alarm at your property is triggered, a signal is immediately sent to our Monitoring Center, where experienced operators are available around the clock to dispatch authorities to your location quickly.  Electronic Security Specialists can monitor your alarm in a variety of ways at our UL List and FM approved Central Station.

      • Standard Digital Monitoring for home and business
      • Cellular Alarm Signaling as a primary alarm signaling source and or as a back up to your existing land line.
      • Internet Alarm Monitoring by using you existing internet service and monitoring over the internet. (to be used as a back-up only)
      • UL Listed Fire Alarm Monitoring For those needing UL certificated or FM fire alarms services



Our Monitoring Centers meets the highest industry-established quality standards. We also offer back-up cellular or Internet service to ensure continuous monitoring of your security system even if standard telephone service is interrupted. And, our nationally-recognized false alarm protocols let authorities know the need for a response to an alarm is real, so there’s no second-guessing.

Reliable and responsive alarm monitoring in the event of an emergency.  How it works:

  1. An audible alarm is triggered, alerting occupants and/or intruders of an emergency.
  2. An event-specific emergency signal is sent to our Monitoring Center, where operators are available 24/7.
  3. A center operator calls you (or a designated contact) to verify the alarm.
  4. If the alarm is real, the operator dispatches help immediately and calls your personal emergency contacts.


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